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Dog's Fresh Meal Plan

Dog's Fresh Meal Plan

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We have available flavors:

1. Beef
2. Chicken

Fresh, wholesome foods, gently cooked here in the USA. Your dog will have more energy, a shinier coat, a healthier gut, and be set up for optimal health. 

Vet Nutritionists designed & formulated and pet parents approved.

Free from artificial preservatives & fillers.

Lean proteins, powerful vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots, packed with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Omega 3-rich and other anti-inflammatory properties 'Good Food for Dogs!' 

Freshly Made Dog Food. Browse our Human Grade Freshly Made Pet Food and Products!

Your fur babies deserve the best freshly made food! Our foods are made with preservative-free, all-natural ingredients (not factory processed with mystery meat byproducts) that your dog will love you for.

Our fresh ingredients help to build and sustain your dog's vim, vigor, and vitality.

All-natural fresh food is slowly cooked with premium ingredients, to preserve maximum nutrients. A bountiful of fruits and vegetables. Succulent bone broth that dogs can’t resist. No mystery meat fillers, preservatives, or inners that are normally used in other inferior factory-manufactured dog foods, which contain preservatives that are sometimes harmful to your pets. Our food contains an explosion of antioxidants, which includes organic fruits and vegetables. From a puppy to adulthood, our food is a complete and balanced diet.

Ingredients: Ground beef/chicken (depends on if you choose the beef or chicken) brown rice, carrots, green peas, wild Alaskan salmon oil, beef & duck bone broth, turmeric, non-GMO, and other organic ingredients. 

Serving size: 16 oz
Calories: 620 cal/Lb

Nutritional information: Protein: min 10%, Fat: min 6%, Fiber: 3%, Moister: 70% This contains no preservatives: Keep refrigerated or frozen!

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