Transitioning Your Pet on Fresh Food

How to Transition Your Fur babies to freshly cooked food So, you are making this very important switch to feeding your fur children freshly made human-grade food. I would like to congratulate you because a diet of processed Kibbles is not healthy for them, but the freshly cooked human grade food can aide in extending their lives.

Some dogs and cats are really finnicky eaters and don’t like when their food and eating habits are disturbed. Therefore, we have created the recommended instructions on how to transition your fur babies.

With freshly cooked human-grade food, we recommend that you slowly introduce it to your pet over a period of a week.

  • For the first two days, you should use a portion of the new freshly made food and add it to their kibble/their old food.  The ratio should be 25% of the human-grade food to 75% kibble/their old food.
  • For the third to fourth day, the ratio should be 50% of human-grade food to 50% kibble/their old food.
  • For the fifth to sixth day, the ratio should be 75% of human-grade food to 25% kibble/their old food.
  • On the seventh day, the ratio should be 100% of human-grade food to 0% kibble/their old food.

During the transition, you will notice a change in their stool, at times it may be watery, loose, but eventually it may start to get firmer over the week, when their adjustments start to take place.