Wholesale Inquiries

Request a wholesale account with us.

Apply for a wholesale account with us and join our community of dog and cat lovers that care about the wellness of their pet children.

Shop Smart & Earn Smarter.

We offer wholesale bulk orders for our freshly made pet food, which is free from preservatives that is harmful to your fur babies. Our motto is "your fur babies, should not be subjected to eating processed food all of their lives." Whether if you run a dog or cat cannel, or operate a dog or cat shelter, you can maximize your rewards, when you shop wholesale with us. Unlock greater savings, by buying our freshly made dog and cat food in our 1 gallon bulk containers.

Bulk Order Discounts!

  • 5% off on orders up to $50.00
  • 7% off on orders up to $100.00
  • 10% off on orders over $200.00 and above.

Our bulk dog and cat freshly made food is shipped in our 1 gal. BPA Free Food Grade Round Bucket with White Handle.

Please send an email per your wholesale inquiries at: Sales@palatablepets.com