About Us


  Palatablepets freshly made, human quality gourmet pet foods are the upper crust of food and is made with a balanced nutritional formula.  Our foods are made with preservative-free, all-natural ingredients (not factory processed with mystery meat byproducts), that your dog and cat will love you for this. Our artisan chefs cook your dog and cat food, according to the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) standards and also under the guidance of veterinarians as well. Our freshly cooked and baked products make a delicious meal, they last up to six days refrigerated or they can be kept frozen for up to six months in your freezer. Our foods are made with higher proteins, essential fats, carbs, and proper moisture to keep your pets hydrated, which will leave their furs shiny and beautiful.

Our small-batch foods are made to order, so as soon as we receive your order, our artisan chefs go straight to work for your pet children. Our pet food must be kept refrigerated at all times in order to keep it an optimum nutritional value.

Being a pet parent is a major responsibility. Keeping your dog and cat healthy with the right nutrition will assist them to stave off diseases and extend their lives, and in the end, it will be a mutual enjoyment between you and your fur babies. Our ingredients are sourced and made in the good old USA.


Why Palatable Pets?

Our FDA-approved BPA-free packaging stops oxygen from penetrating through the sealed containers. A complete seal will eliminate waste, by extending your pet food's shelf life and flavor and preventing freezer burn and dehydration loss.  Our pet food containers have an easily tearable notch that makes them easy to open as well.

Our vacuum sealed bags are FDA and USDA-approved for direct contact with food, perfect for meat and fish.

Our fresh ingredients help to build and sustain your dog and cat's vim, vigor, and vitality.

  • All-natural fresh food slowly cooked with premium ingredients, to preserve maximum nutrients.
  • A bountiful of fruits and vegetables.
  • Succulent milk bones that dogs can’t resist and wild-caught tuna fish and Tilapia for cats.
  • No mystery meat fillers, preservatives, or inners, that are normally used in other inferior factory manufactured dog foods, which contains preservatives that is sometimes harmful to your pets.
  • Explosion of antioxidants, which includes organic fruits and vegetables.
  • From a pup to a kitten, through adulthood, our food is a complete and balanced diet.        

How we Source our Products 

 We make our fresh Dog and cat food and treats in-house. For our other products, we source them from the most reputable suppliers here in the good old USA and worldwide. We offer the best prices on all our items.  Our motto here at Palatablepets is "Bargain is our business", therefore, if the bargain is not right, then we should not be in business".

Palatablepets is for fussy spenders who want premium items, at the lowest prices. Therefore, we use our years of skills to negotiate with our suppliers for the best prices to pass the savings on to you.  Tell a friend, a spouse, and a neighbor all about Palatablepets.


How we evaluate products before we list them on Palatablepets.

At Palatablepets, we strived to bring you tremendous savings on the most wonderful products that we have gathered from suppliers all over the world.  Our buyers, network with suppliers both domestically and internationally, to source the most unique items for our customers.

We evaluate every item before we place them in our inventory to sell to our valued customers.

These are the steps that Palatablepets takes to evaluate products: Our Planning Board, which consists of 10 evaluators. They are given 10 new samples of products every Monday.  As a group, they vote on the quality of the products, their uniqueness, construction, and eye-catching appeal.

They give each item a rating from 1-10, in which a rating of below 5 for any product is rejected.  Items that are rated 7 and above are labeled "priority", which will be placed on our web storefront.  Any items rated below a 7, will be advertised as a "Special promotional sale item", if that product receives good feedback in terms of sales, it will then be bumped up to priority level.

All the products that our evaluation team accepts are of the best quality.  We will put our heads on the chopping blocks to guarantee that.  If you shop with us, you will not be disappointed. We guarantee quality products, value, and good services.